Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jump-start Your Daily Calcium Giveaway!

Do you get enough calcium in your diet each and every day?  I must admit I am bad, I do not drink milk.  I don't like plain milk.  I don't know if it is the fact that I am a bit lactose intolerant or just craziness.  Since finding out that osteoporosis runs in my family, I have been trying harder to get my daily calcium in.  I have been trying to eat a yogurt each morning for breakfast. 
Luckily, for me Yoplait is committed to making it easier for women to add more calcium to their diet every day with the newly reformulated Yoplait Original style yogurt.

Now with two times the amount of calcium of the leading yogurt, that’s 50 percent of the Daily Value in one convenient 6-ounce cup, Yoplait Original yogurt provides women with an easy and delicious way to get the calcium they need. Yoplait Original also contains 50 percent of the Daily Value of vitamin D, which helps with the absorption of calcium. Yoplait is committed to women’s health and is proud to offer a product that has even more of the calcium and vitamin D they need for strong, healthy bodies.
In an effort to further educate women about the importance of maintaining strong, healthy bones through an active lifestyle and a diet rich in calcium, Yoplait is partnering with TV host and celebrity mom Nancy O’Dell on a one million cup giveaway of Yoplait Original yogurt, beginning December 13th. Visit Yoplait on Facebook to sign up for your free cup and make a personal commitment to meeting your calcium needs each day. While you’re there, take a moment to enjoy daily calcium tips from Registered Dietitian Katherine Brooking and healthy lifestyle advice from Nancy O’Dell.

Yoplait Original Style yogurt is available in 4-cup packs and easy-to-store 8-cup fridge packs in 23 delicious flavors including Strawberry, French Vanilla, Harvest Peach, and Blackberry Pomegranate.
Now for a great giveaway to help you jump-start a healthier new year!! (Even the guys in my house were excited over this one).
 Thanks to Yoplait though  MyBlogSpark one reader will win:

 *VIP Coupon for a free sample of Yoplait Original yogurt, as well as a duffel bag, speed rope, water bottle and sport towel.
It is a really nice gift package!!!
*This coupon offer for Yoplait yogurt is not valid in some states, including California, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, Nevada, North Dakota and Tennessee.
To enter the giveaway be a follower and leave me a comment telling me how you are going to ensure that you obtain your daily dose of calcium each day.
Winner will be chosen by random number generator on January 29th.

The coupon, prize pack, information and giveaway were all provided by Yoplait through MyBlogSpark all opinions are my own. 


  1. I intend to eat more cheese and yogurt every day. I am a follower.

  2. I get my calcium from one of those calciun-chocolate flavor chews. I don't drink milk (most of the time) and don't like to swallow pills. Thanks for the giveaway. I'm your newest follower.

    BTW, I'm having the very first GIVEAWAY from my blog. Please stop by to submit an entry. Good Luck.

  3. I'm a big fan of Yoplait for snacks - they have some really good flavors - and I like to start every day with a bowl of cereal and skim milk. We also sneak in a scoop of ice cream after dinner so I'm probably getting my daily dose of calcium. =D

  4. Great giveaway! I don't drink milk either, I don't hate it, I just don't drink it. I get my calcium from yogurt and my vitamins. Thanks!

  5. We eat yogurt everyday and also I like to have milk with dinner as an extra for me. I'm already a follower so thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Oh I definitely need a jump start to get my big butt moving in the right direction!

    Lots of yummy love,

    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  7. I love Yoplait!!!!!!! I really like their FIber one yogurt as well! I try to eat yogurt everyday as well. I am not a milk drinker either, so I use it on cereal for breakfast or have a yogurt. I try to eat cheese at lunch and then have at least one more serving a day! IF I count, I usually get them all in!!!

  8. I love Yoplait yogurt and have one every day! I also take a calcium supplement daily. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  9. Hi Tiffanee, I'm not the best at getting calcium either, but Yoplait seems like a good place to get it! I love their Cherry Vanilla the most!

  10. I already eat more cheese than I should and yogurt certainly is enjoyed several times a week. Adding to that, I love snacking on almonds. So, I guess, I probably got the calcium base covered ;o)

    Good luck to the eligibles ;o)

    Ciao for now,

  11. i follow you gfc- oh no calcium- i hadnt thought about- i've been worried about fiber- i guess i can get yogurt for snack.
    tcogbill at live dot com

  12. Great Giveaway!

    I'm a follower :)

    I always have 1 c. of milk with my overnight oats every morning, and usually a yogurt to go with whatever I'm eating for lunch. I also take my daily vitamin that has calcium in it.

    domesticnerd (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. I love this yogurt and that is how i get my calcium YUM YUM

  14. I don't drink milk but I make sure to have a full serving of soy milk every morning. I also have a yogurt with granola either from breakfast of a mid morning snack. Along with my vitamins I am always looking for new ways to include more calcium in my diet!


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