Monday, January 25, 2010

Menu Plan Monday and Am I a Freak??

Friday I made my way in to the local Goodwill.  I find it fun to see what I can find.  In the book section near the floor I discovered this:

So of course I was intrigued..  It was darling.

A cute way to organize recipes.
Then I found what really had my attention.....

It was filled with handwritten recipes.... So for this reason I paid the $3 (a deal!!) and walked out with this.
Now the question I ask, Does this make me a FREAK
that I purchased this item because of the handwritten recipes?? That this type of thing fascinates me?
I haven't had the chance to really go through and check the recipes out yet.  I'll let you know if I find anything good!!  Now on to this week's menu.  I actually got feedback this week when I asked the family what they wanted to eat.. My hubby wanted: hamburgers, hotdogs, chili dogs, fried chicken, chicken cacciatore and spaghetti. Yeah RIGHT!!  Even if I would make all those things the problem is that I am trying to make things without going to the grocery store. Since it is the first time he's given me any help on this I tried to accomodate his requests the best I could.

This Week's Menu
Monday: BBQ Meatballs
Tuesday: Baked Chicken
Wednesday: Hamburger Patties (baked with a hidden surprise!)
Thursday: Chicken Cacciatore
Friday: Finger Steaks
Saturday: Burritos
Hopefully this will make both the hubby and budget happy!!
Check out what others are cooking this week at Menu Plan Monday!


  1. What a wonderful treasure to find!! I agree with you...very fascinating! :)

  2. That is so sad that someone's love for cooking was at The Goodwill Store and not passed on to a loved one. I would have bought it in a minute!!! for those handwritten recipes! I hope they turn out to be gold!


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