Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tried It Out Thursday Part 2: Father's Day Cakes

The title of this post should really be Check it Out Thursday. While browsing the web looking for something to get hubby for Father's Day I came across Tiepedia and was instantly intrigued.  This is a college student who is obsessed with Neckties.  I believe he has worn a tie for over 200 days straight.  Crazy but cool! Anything you want to know about ties is on this site.  He has some very interesting things and a bit of humor added.  It is pretty amazing. He did a really fascinating  Father's Day Cake post and gave me permission to show you a few.  They are incredible!! 
Very creative and IMPRESSIVE!! Makes me wish I wasn't missing the creativity gene.
These are "Ties" my hubby would love!!
You can find these and more over at Tiepedia.


  1. Following you from Friendly Friday!!

    Krystal @

    His cakes are awesome!! I need more creativity too!! My friend likes to decorate cakes for her twins birthdays. Last year she made care bear cakes and this year little cupcakes that looked like frogs. I *love* creative cooking!

  2. WOw. Those are some GORGEOUS cakes!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  3. Oh, how cool! I don't know if I could bring myself to cut into a cake that looked so nice! :)

  4. Oh, wow, those are amazing. I have done a little cake decorating in the past and that is some work! Just beautiful and fun.

  5. Wowzer that is VERY cool! What a fun site too! I so wish I could bust something like this out.

  6. Those are some SERIOUSLY cool cakes! Amazing!

    Stopping by from Friday Follow.


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