Thursday, May 9, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift 2013

Somehow this year I missed the Teacher Appreciation Week memo, but luckily finally caught and played catch up all week!!  I wanted something cute and different for the final day, because honestly my kids have awesome teachers!!  After thinking about it for a few days...This is what I came up with! It was quick, simple and I thought it turned out cute.
Nice play on words!! HAHA!!
SO here's what I used:
SoBe Drinks and Swedish Fish
Put the fish in a little plastic bag, attached the note and the fish to the drinks and voila..DONE!!
(Like my photo bomber!!)
Here's the tag.  You should be able to just right clip and copy and paste it into a document.
You can even play with the size.  I have it on a sheet of four, but it would not let me put it on here.  
Hope all the teachers get the appreciation that they deserve!!
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  1. This is awesome Tiffanee! I pinned it for next year. Thanks for the tag. I can't figure out how to make cool ones so I'm so glad I get to steal everyone else's =o)


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