About Me

I love to cook and try new recipes all the time. Good thing my family is adventurous and doesn't seem to mind when I go on a new recipe spree. Sometimes it is a winner and sometimes not. Either way, at least I feel I am exposing them to new tastes. My hope for this blog is to finally post the recipes that I have been promising to share, a great deal or two and sometimes something random!!

My Sisters
Candice, Tayler & Me

A Heritage of Good Cooks

The McNee Sisters
My Mom(Patsy), Linda & Karen

When attending a McNee family gathering you can always count on good food and lots of it. It all started with my Grandma who was such a good cook. One of my earliest memories was her sifting the flour and letting me make flour cakes out of it. She always grew a large garden and had a love of preserving it. Whenever I would go to visit her she would send me down to her pantry to take whatever I wanted. It was always a beautiful array of colors. Luckily she passed the love of cooking down to her daughters. Whom are all excellant cooks. Hopefully my sisters and I continue the tradition. I also would like to instill it into my own three daughters. This blog is dedicated to my Grandma. who taught my mom, who taught me the value of cooking.