Endless Hours in the Kitchen

I really need help from this Kitchen Angel, who seems to looks just a little frazzled herself. That is how I felt after yesterday, I spent from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm in my kitchen.  I really did not even leave it.  It got me thinking about the time I spend in the kitchen each and every day. The time we as women spend each day. Atleast it got me thinking and my time spent was not wasted.  
*Grilled chicken.  Enough for last nights dinner and Wednesday.  I cut it all up so it is ready for the Quesadillas.
*Cooked my hamburger so all I have to do is throw it in the sauce for the team dinner today.
* Cut up veggies to marinate for my husband to take to work in his lunches.  (His favorite way to eat veggies).
*Diced an onion so it is ready to go when it is called for this week.
*This is really unrelated, made a batch of Jelly.  My first. 
*I need to add cooked and cleaned up dinner.
My goal is by doing these few things I can reduce the amount of time spent in the kitchen the next few days.  If it works I am going to make a new plan, so that one day a week I can do some of the prep work for the rest of the meals for the week. Maybe even get some of the meals made ahead of time.  I have always wanted to try freezer cooking.  I will let you know how this week goes.  If anyone has any ideas please pass them on.   All I know is right now my feet still hurt.......


  1. I love to cook and freeze! With our crazy busy life it makes quick dinners sooo much easier. I have found that when I am already cooking dinner I cook a few extra pounds of meat and freeze it that way all we have to do is pull it out and add it to what ever and I do not have to spend extra hours in the chicken.


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