"NRN" New Recipe Night

I first tasted veggie lasagna at a football banquet. I only got a little bit and later had regrets of not taking a little bigger piece. It had great flavor and another twist to the original lasagna. I found out later that one of my son's friend's dad had made it. I always meant to get the recipe but never did. So when I found one, I finally got up the nerve to try it out. I was hoping it will be a good change in getting my kids to eat veggies and also satisfy my meat loving husband.
The Verdict:
I don't know what I did wrong, but  the veggie lasagna was not that flavorful. It happened that the girls and I were the only ones home for dinner and they ate a little bit. There were no complaints, which was a good thing.  This took alot of time and was not cheap to make.  Due to my conclusions, I probably will not make it again.  So I am not posting the recipe at this time. I did have it typed up and ready to go. 

 With "NRN" (new recipe night) you win some and lose some.  That is a risk I am always willing to take.