Menu Plan Monday

I survived Halloween and I must admit it really wasn't that bad.  For those of you who know me probably know my history on dreading Halloween.  It is not my favorite holiday.  My oldest and some friends took the kids trick or treating while I answered the door and listened to my husband snore. ( I like that rhyme.) He is convinced the doorbell only rang three times, even though the big bowl of candy is pretty much gone.  Oh well not worth the battle.  My girly girl dressed up like a boy and really did look the part.  It was pretty funny! 
On  Halloween my son qualified for the State Cross Country Meet so I have a couple less meals to plan.  It is exciting but I feel my menu this week is less than exciting.. I may have to vamp it up a bit! HA HA. Did you get that pun? Maybe I am getting a better Halloween attitude after all!!

This Weeks Menu
Monday: Cheese Enchiladas with homemade sauce.
Tuesday: Sweet and Sour Chicken
Wednsday: Chili
Thursday: Picnic Night
Friday: Off to the State Meet
Saturday: State Meet...GO Kody!!
Sunday: Baked Stew

Have a great week everyone!!

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  1. You're definitely very funny this week! Thanks for sharing your humor with us!
    Good luck to Kody in the State Meet.
    The Cheese Enchiladas and Sweet and Sour Chicken sound delicious.
    Your family is going to love these meals.
    You have a great week!


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