Menu Plan Monday

It was a really CRAZY weekend and I am very slow at getting my menu together.  I actually thought through this weeks meals while working out this morning.  That is how crazy I feel.  At least I got the workout in and there has got to be bonus points for the multitasking right! (The story of all our lives.)   Now I am attempting to get my house cleaned and in order because my sister is flying in today for a visit this week.  It will be so fun to have her here.  Hopefully, I planned meals that she likes. 

This Weeks Menu
Monday: Pizza Pasta (from the freezer).
Tuesday: Tacos
Wednesday: Sweet Salsa Chicken
Thursday: Picnic Night
Friday: Calzones
Saturday: Dad Cooks
Sunday: Baked Stew (Carried over from last week).

I also have to prepare a dessert for the end of the year Cross Country Banquet on Thursday.  Does anyone have any great ideas??

Check out some great menus at The Organizing Junkie.

Have a wonderful week!!