Menu Plan Monday

I am relieved to have the Christmas decorations up.  After last year's tree experience and then lately hearing the girls ask several times a day about a tree...I caved and bought a cheap fake one.  I must admit it was easy to put together and the lights are already attached (a bonus for my husband.)  It looks pretty good.  It is much smaller than we normally have.  I kept looking at it yesterday and wondering if I shouldn't have spent more money  for a bigger one or waited to get a real tree.  Then I took a step back and realize it is perfect for this year.  I am really trying to simplify this year and just spend more time enjoying my family and the wonderful Christmas season.  Yes, it is going to mean less stuff, but that does not matter.  So I decided that I am going to let my little tree remind me, each day of what is most important this time of year.

I am finally back to the menu plan. Yay!! I am excited to try a few new recipes this week; the Honey Hoisin Chicken and the Enchilada Casserole.  Both sound delicious, have ingredients I have, and are easy.

This Week's Menu:
Monday: Chicken Parmesan
Tuesday: Baked Stew
Wednesday: Honey Hoisin Chicken
Thursday: Picnic Night
Friday: Enchilada Casserole
Saturday: Ward Christmas Party (need to bring a pancake topping)
Sunday:  Spaghetti

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  1. a pancake topping... I love taking an apple-y syrup, or fruit syrup -- yum.

    looks like a great week!


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