Slacker, The Salad Fiasco and a School Project

The Salad Fiasco
Saturday, my husband and I actually went on what I would consider a date (a rare occasion).  A lttle background so you understand where I am going with this story. He is a huge meat and potatoes man.  So we sit down at the restaurant and discuss what we are going to order.  Note: I am starving!! I had not eaten since breakfast and it is now 6:30 pm. (it was a busy day.)  I decided I am giong to order the small counrty fried steak.  He suggests I order the large version because it is only a dollar more and then I will have leftovers to take home.  Seems like a great idea.  The waitress comes to take our order. I order the LARGE country fried steak and he orders a SMALL salad.  I am shocked.  This man does not believe in salad as a meal, not to mention he just made me look like a PIG!! When I brought this to his attention he thought it was incredibly funny.  He laughed so hard I thought he was going to fall out of his chair.  It turns out that the laugh would come back to bite him. When the food came out I could tell he was very disappointed.  He tossed  the salad about, picked at it and dipped his fork into MY potatoes every once in awhile.  So finally, I just traded him plates.  He was much happier then and I really did enjoy the salad.  I agree it makes for a great story for him to tell and I loved hearing him laugh. I had to share this with you knowing you would understand and maybe get a kick out of it also. 
Friday my daughter brought home a big bag of gingerbread dough. We were to make the pieces for a gingerbread house.  So yesterday was spent trying to get this accomplished.  I have never tried to make a gingerbread house from scratch.  It is a lot of work, my kitchen was trashed and I did not even have to make the dough.   After a couple hours I finally got some finished product to send with her to school. 

Hopefully, I did it right and atleast there are some extra pieces (enough for 2 houses).  By the time this was finished I was so tired, but I am excited to see what my daughter comes up with.  I will have to share the finished product when she brings it home.

So this is my excuse for being a huge SLACKER and not having a menu plan ready for this week.  Luckily there are lots of  people on the ball and you can check out lots of organized menus for this week at Menu Plan Monday.

Update: My son did just fine on his trip, but had to run in the snow.  He ran really well though and placed in the top finishers.