Tried It Out Thursday: Extreme Couponing

Last week Albertsons had some killer deals, especially on the Post cereals.  I really wanted to take advantage of all the deals to the fullest and stock the pantry.  The only way to get the best deal was to have more than one coupon. This is what I like to call EXTREME couponing: getting the most of a good deal using multiple coupons.  So I tried out something I learned from Rachel in the Couponing Class.  I got online and ordered multiple coupons from Manufacturers Coupons.  I found coupons for $1 off two boxes of Post Cereals and ordered 10 of them at .08 each.  Since the minimum order needs to be $2, I found other great coupons I would use to get my minimum order.  I paid $2.71 (including tax and shipping) for $26 worth of coupons I would USE!! It was pretty cool.  I ordered them on a Wednesday and they came in the mail on Friday, all clipped and ready to go.  It was awesome!  This allowed me to get the best deal and add to the food storage.  I will be visiting Manufactures Coupons often. It was a fabulous experience.  A HUGE thanks to Rachel for sharing this wonderful site with me. 
I got the mail and off to Albertsons I went.  It took me four visits in to the store to use my coupons and get everything I wanted while getting the best deals.
Total out of pocket: $27.17
I still have $17.00 in catalinas left.
I have to admit how FUN it was!!  Actually the most excitement I have had in a long time. (Sad I know!)
Luckily, I ran into a good friend of mine who is a Coupon Queen and she informed me of the great deal on burritos (10 for $10 and then your received $10 in catalinas.). So they were free.  So COOL!! When I came home my son and his friend were here.  I was so excited, his friend probably thinks I am CRAZY!  He was very polite though!!  Now I am off to hunt for the next big bargain................................


  1. I am a Coupon Queen it! It makes grocery shopping FUN!
    One of our local stores, Harris Teeter, is offering triple coupons this week so it has been fun scoring free things and other stuff for just pennies.
    I've used Coupon Clippers before but never the one you mentioned...gotta check them out.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am so proud! It's all about the thrill of the hunt (I'm the proud owner of 38 boxes of Post cereal and 8 cases of Powerade). It is addictive, though. The kids love it when I get "deals"; it's the only time they get junk food, anymore.

  3. Ok, I guess I live a sad life too! I am a sucker for the great deals. I used to go to the store and say, "I paid all THIS and only got a few things" and now it is more like, "Wow, I got all THIS and only paid a few dollars".

    I am so excited for you! When I started couponing I saw some savings and when I started stockpiling(or extreme couponing) I really saw the savings add up.

  4. Look at you go!!! That is awesome, love to save money! Especially these days :)


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