Menu Plan Monday

We had a wonderful Easter celebration inspite of my daughter getting the flu and being sick all night.  Thank goodness by around noon she was feeling better.  I hope everyone else enjoyed such a wonderful day. 
This week is Spring Break for my children, unfortunately we are not able to go somewhere warm and not rainy!! (I really do like the rain..just not the wind!). My plan is to do fun things with the kids this week.  Things we don't normally do.  We will see what happens.  Due to this fact my menu is not set in stone, but these are the things I am planning on cooking this week:
Cheeseburger Braid
Tortilla Rollups
Chicken Alfredo

We have lots of leftovers from our Easter feast.  I am going to see how far I can stretch those!!
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Have a FABULOUS week!!

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  1. So sorry to hear about your daughter and hope she is back to normal today.

    Your menu for the week sounds great! I made scalloped potatoes yesterday and they were a disaster. I've made them the same way for many years but, used Yukon gold potatoes instead of russets yesterday. No one ate them, including me! They not only tasted strange and horrible but, even looked really weird. So, do not use Yukon gold for yours!

    I'm sure you will find fun things to do with your children, rain or not. It's supposed to rain here also for a couple of days.

    Have a great spring break week!

  2. Your menu looks great! The cheeseburger braid sounds very good!

  3. Have a great Spring Break! When my sons were young, I would let them pick a whole day to write the menu and I would cook whatever they wanted with their assistance. As they got older, they tried to out do each other by planning weird things, like Vienna sausages and lemon pie. Still, we had some really fun times cooking together.
    Have a great week!

  4. We're on Spring Break here as well and no plans to do anything either, other than stay near the house!

    everything here looks so yummy! Got any suggestions on how I can get the droll outta my keyboard?!?

    Thanks for your comment today! happy spring break!


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