Menu Plan Monday

Well it did not rain on Saturday.... It POURED!!  Poor Kody had to run the mile with an extra 2 pounds of water in each shoe.  Kids were slipping and falling down.  To be honest it was MISERABLE!  We spent the time between the mile and 2 mile race trying to get his clothing and shoes dried out.  The girls were great sports through it all.  He made the podium in both events so that was cool! 
Hubby's car has been in the shop over a week now and that leaves me carless...good thing because I can't spend money, but boy am I missing my freedom.  Not to mention we are out of everthing!  This menu is based on the fact that I actually get to go to the grocery store or we will be eating very interesting things this week.  Pray I get my freedom back SOON!!
This Week's Menu:
Monday: Lasagna (I must confess it is a store bought one from the freezer. Hubby was supposed to cook it yesterday while I was at meetings!!)
Tuesday: Bacon Cheese Burger Twist
Wednesday: Pasta Milano
Thursday: Picnic Night
Friday: Raspberry Balsamic Chicken (new recipe)
Saturday: Tacos
Sunday: Smoky Mountain Chicken
Check out what other's are cooking this week at Menu Plan Monday!
Wishing everyone a super week!!


  1. I hate crummy car repairs! I'm crossing my fingers that you get your car back soon (so your kids aren't eating peanut butter, tuna fish surprise!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Tiffanee! :) I love new visitors!

    Your raspberry balsamic chicken sounds delicious--will you be posting that recipe?

  3. The raspberry balsamic chicken is a new recipe. If it is good I will be sure to post it!! Thanks!!

  4. you are so organized, i need to start planning ahead

  5. you have interesting recipes on here, i love to cook too, shelly


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