OoohLaLa New Cookware!!: CSN Review

This is the pan I use the most.
The coating has really began to flake off and I am getting a little nervous about then being in our food.
There are way too many little black flakes lately to try to pick out.
The bottom of the pan is no longer flat.  Makes cooking a bit difficult.
Now imagine how excited I was when I received this in the mail from 
one of the online stores affiliated with
I think I am in HEAVEN!! Isn't it beautiful and I LOVE the way it cooks.
Stainless Steel and an aluminum inner core bottom to create even heat distribution.
The glass lid is perfect for being able to see how things are cooking. 
 It is heavy duty and the perfect size.
So out with the old and in with the NEW!! is such a great place to shop for all most anything with over 200 online website choices.  Some of these are,,, and many more!
 They offer hassle free returns and FREE SHIPPING on almost everything. an amazing online shopping experience. 

Disclosurer: I was not paid for this review it is my own honest opinion.  I was given the saucepan by to try out.


  1. Mmmmm, new cookware! That is a joyous thing! Enjoy!

  2. How nice to get new pots!! My hubby gave me new pots and pans for Christmas 3 years ago and at first I was thinking, I didn't need them and then after using them, I'm so happy with them!!!

    Thanks for the visit! Love cooking also!

  3. oh wow that is perfect! I have a pot like that ...haha :)


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