Tried It Out Thursday: Dreaming Bar Stools

This Thursday post is a little different than the others.   I would like to look at the option of trying something a little different with my kitchen.  The island has become a drop place for everyone lately.  I am sick of it constantly being piled up with STUFF!!   I am considering adding some counter stools to see if it would lesson this problem.  For if we eat there the STUFF cannot stay!!
Here's the island after much cleaning up. I filled the kitchen recycle bin!
I have been looking at They have got me really excited and dreaming of what I could do. The only problem is there are so many great choices.  Here are just a few of my favorites.

This one you can customize. There are 59 fabric and 18 finishing choices.
I love the arms and the star is a nice touch.

I like the contemorary looks of this one.  The added foot rest  is pretty neat idea.
I like the wooden features, wipeable cushion and that it swivels.  How cool is that!! has so many options and most of them are shipped FREE!
Now that I am done dreaming.....I  may have to make a decision. 
Most of you know I am not good at decisions.
So which one do you think would look best in my kitchen or is there a better one at


  1. What is your decorating style? What is the color of the floor in the kitchen? Can you post a pic of the whole kitchen? (Helps me to see which barstool I think would look best!) So far, the first one and the last one are a tie. Your island looks great!

  2. The Kichen floor is a really dark brown. The cabinets are light oak. I did clean the island but didn't get the rest cleaned to my standards. So I will post a picture when I get it to where it is presentable...

  3. I would go with the first one. With the dark and light woods, tying it in with cast iron is always nice. Iron goes great with any's a sure bet! So pretty!


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