Huge Surprise in The Mail!!

I opened my mailbox today to find a cute decorated package addressed to me.  I opened it to find:
It felt like Christmas!!  I was so excited!!
Suzette from Livin on a Dime, Sittin on a Nickel sent me this very SWEET package.  
She has some amazing deals, finds and much more on her blog. 
If you are trying to save money and live frugally this is a great place for lots of great information.
Go check out Livin on a Dime Sittin on a Nickel and tell her I sent you!!
A HUGE THANKS to Suzette!!!
Now I would like to share the wealth.  If you are interested in getting some of these please let me know!!


  1. That is better than Christmas and your Birthday!!
    Looks like you will be scoring deals for quite awhile.


    Please get over there, right away like NOW.

    You are famous, well maybe.......

  3. I love going to the mail box and getting SURPRIZES. WOW!!!

  4. Now that is what I call a good gift! How sweet is that!


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