Pink Saturday & A Clothes Saving Tip

I know that this is a food blog but I just have to share the great tip with you.
Yesterday, ten minutes before he had to leave, my son discovered that he had left the sticker on his jersey and I washed it without noticing. Have your kids every done that?  What a mess!! I have thown clothes away before because I could not get it to come off.  Luckily,  this time I remembered a great tip that my MOM gave me...HAND SANITIZER!!  Put a dab on the sticker residue and scrub.  In this case I used a toothbrush to scrub the mess.  It may take more than one shot of hand sanitizer, but it worked BRILLANTLY!!  Jersey just like new in under ten minutes!! He did not have to race with a HUGE sticker mess on his shoulder.  Yay!!  It also works on glue stains (I had a huge Mod Podge stain and it worked). Thanks MOM!! Now with that crisis solved I can relax at the beach... oh wait only in my mind, but wouldn't be great!!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Now go check out all the PINK over at Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly at How Sweet the Sound!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!


  1. What a great tip! Thanks. Happy PInk Saturday.

  2. Oh thank you I think I will go check out all things pink!!! Thanks for following... I am following back. Hey, where did you get that print friendly button? I would love to add that to my blog.

  3. I love that tip!!! I am always find residue from stickers on the kids clothes. You're mother is a genius,too. Like mother, like daughter!

  4. Good tip, and if you don't mind I'll join you at the beach!

  5. Oh, I will definitely keep this in mind! Thanks for the tip, and Happy Pink Saturday! ~tina

  6. Thanks for the tip, I'm sure it will come in handy or I can pass it on.

  7. What a cool tip! I'll have to remember that. I think it must be the HIGH concentration of alcohol in those, no? Oh, and what I wouldn't give to have my toes in the sand! :^)

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    I hope you have an amazing week!


    Teresa <><

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  8. Thanks for following me! I'm in WA too! Hmmm, love it here!

  9. Oh wow yes in my mind too please :)


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