A New Bathroom Vanity! How Fun Would That Be?

I know this is a cooking blog, but allow me to dream just a bit!! One of my dear friends is gearing up for a big move.  Not only to a different house, but a brand new one, where she gets to pick everything out.  I must admit I am a little jealous.  I know she is so excited to finally have a master bath.  So after talking to her today, I decided to look at a vanity.   Here are just a few that intrigued me.

And my favorite the:
It is so fun to dream and  Just Vanities.com makes it easy.
Maybe someday it will be me choosing a new vanity and other household furnishings.
For now it is just really fun to look!!


  1. I love the dark rich woods. How gorgeous and amazing that would look. I say a girl can dream :)


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