Tried It Out Thursday: More Dreaming!

Lately, I have had a real itch for some new home furnishings.  It has been a really long time and the foosball table my hubby bought at a yard sale for $10(even though it looks good in the formal dining room) didn't quite do the trick.  So I am off dreaming once again.  Most of you remember my camera incident.  I began looking for digital cameras and found so much more.
I think I am in love with this sectional. It would be perfect for the family!

With a new bed a new mattress would be great!

We slept on one of these for a week while on vacation and loved it!!
And while I am dreaming; a new TV stands
would be nice.

Time to wake up from the dream, but wouldn't it be so fun!! 


  1. I would love to have the memory foam mattress. Dreams are good!

  2. Dreaming is all I have these days ... lol. It sure is fun and one day :)

  3. I dreaming right along with you! Our home furnishings are either hand-me-downs or were bought new by us 15 years ago! It's time for new, if only our bank account thought so!

  4. That sectional is beeeeuuuuutiful! Love the 2-tone. We finally bit the bullet a few weeks ago and replaced our family room furniture. The cushions were so flat, they could no longer be "fluffed" up anymore and it was really uncomfortable sitting. Now I'm dreaming about the living room furniture! :-D


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