The Search for a New Table Lamp.....

With the addition of the yard sale foosball table in the formal dining area, which is attached to the living room  it has become a great place for the family to gather.  The only real issue is there is no light attached to the ceiling so at night you really can't see anything.  I have decided that a new table lamp would solve this problem with the least hassle and cost.  I have discovered that the CSN Stores have great prices, selection,  with free delivery on alot of items and best of all I don't have to take the kids shopping. 
This one is so beautiful. I have always wanted a Tiffany lamp!!

Wow! There are lots of choices of table lamps over at the CSN Stores.


  1. I've always loved Tiffany lamps too. I'm one of those who don't like to shop, but when I do, lamps are my favorite thing to shop for - but for me stylish and functional is an oxymoron, smiles. Have fun!


  2. I love all the choices I've been a fan of the tiffany style :)


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