Tried It Out Thursday: Basil, My New Favorite Herb

I must admit I am a little behind the times when it comes to fresh herbs.  I have grown chives, rosemary and cilantro (which I love!!), but have not expanded my horizons past that.  A few weeks ago I ordered a caprese chicken dish at a restaurant and fell in love with fresh basil.  Oh My!!  I have been missing out.  I checked it out in the produce department at the store and about expensive. Then my smart sister in law suggested I buy a plant use what I can until it dies and it would be cheaper.  I found what was called "the living basil plant" in Winco for $2.48 so I purchased it.  It did not look real good, but I had to feed the craving.  I thought I was buying something I could plant in my planter outside, but I was wrong.  You place it in a glass with a small amount of water.
Luckily, it started to perk up.
It no longer looks like this.  I have since used it:
on pizza (YUM!) and I made fresh pesto for the first time.
It was good, but I am still trying to perfect the recipe before I post it.
Let's just say I hope I get much more from this little plant.  I am going to look for one I can actually grow indoors so I can feed the frenzy year round. 
Now this has got me wondering what other fresh herbs am I missing out on??
So what is your favorite fresh herb and recipe for it?


  1. Love, love, love basil. It has so many uses. My favorites have to be basil and rosemary.

  2. Yum! I have some basil seed in my stash. I think I'll plant some in a pot and put it on the windowsill. I would love to make pesto! You have the best ideas. Hope everyone is well at your house!

  3. We have a pot of chives in the back yard that comes back every year. When we have baked potatoes, we go out and cut some chives to put in the sour cream. I don't water or fertilize the pot and it is doing very well!

  4. Mmmm, I used to make fresh pesto all the time but now I haven't done it in forever - yours looks so tasty!

    Thanks so much for joining us for Friendly Friday again, it's always great to have you! :)

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  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Cilantro! My all-time favorite! Sometimes, I just put entire 'sprigs' of cilantro right inside my tacos :)

    Funny story...many years ago, I planted cilantro for the first time. I had a HUGE garden full of it. Well, one morning, I went out to water the garden, and as soon as I opened the sliding door, I got the strongest smell of cilantro. I was baffled. But guess who was sitting there, eating all of my precious herb...a HUGE groundhog!! Who would of thought groundhogs liked cilantro??!! Now I know to keep my herbs up higher :)

    Basil is a close second to cilantro..oh, and dill...I love fresh herbs :) LOL!

  7. I like "tried it out Thursday" sounds like a fun idea! Might join you... The herb I use the most is rosemary, and I love to add it to homemade artisan bread!

  8. I've GOT to try making pesto from scratch sometime. I love pesto sauce, and I love basil! I usually use fresh basil to make pasta sauce - sooo good!

    This is Christi from The Frugal Novice, by the way. Thanks for being a part of Friendly Friday! Now following you back through GFC. Have a great weekend!

  9. Love basil...I grow it in a pickle container from 1912 (it's stamped on it!). It grows great and I love to make homemade pesto! I also grow rosemary and German thyme. Joni

  10. Yum, I totally agree! Basil is awesome! I can't get enough of it in bruschetta.

  11. I've been growing basil, rosemary, oregano, and mint in my garden. My favorite is the mint and I like to add it to my smoothies.


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