Day 2: Kayla's Favorite!!

Kayla is my kind hearted child. She makes friends were ever so goes.  She is getting ready to enter middle school and is quite excited. (Not quite sure I am though!!) This summer she got rid of the glasses and opted for contacts. 
One day the kids and I were in the library, when Kayla was about 7. She was being quite loud and I was really mad at her.  To set the stage I was looking at the cookbooks. (Big surprise I know!!) I called her over and very sternly said, "Kayla you are old enough you should know how to "COOK"!! We both busted up laughing and had to leave because we could not stop.  I meant to say behave not cook!! I have cooking on the brain constantly.
Kayla could not choose one favorite, she chose two and they are both quite closely related.
which is so yummy!!
These cookies were my very first post on this blog!  Probably my family's favorite cookie of all time!
I love them with M&M's.
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And be watching for more to come....


  1. I agree withyour daughter - DELISH!!! She'll have so much fun in middle school!

  2. Looks like Kayla has excellent taste. I love how a serious moment (in the library) turned funny :)

  3. Just entered the Home Magazine subscription giveaway - thanks for the reminder.

    That chocolate chip cookie pie does look tempting. Good choice Kayla! And Good Luck for your new school year! What a pretty girl she is.


  4. Hi - thanks for stopping by my blog this week. I came over to vitis and entered your giveaways :) I'm a giveaway-addict! I noticed you didn't have comment numbers yet. I didn't for a while and counting a winner was a pain. I used steps 1 and 2 of this tutorial to add them to my blog layout.


  5. I just realized I missed a kid! She chose well!!

    My kids laugh at me when I mis-use a word. Not very good when you are trying to discipline or teach. Oh well, cooking is as important as behaving, right??


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