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A Bit Frazzled!!!

I don't know if it is this whole working issue or if I am just losing my touch.  I have tried out several new recipes this past week and none were blog approved by the family.  I am feeling a bit disappointed and FRAZZLED!!
Just like my sweet little dog!!(Imagine me with that hair-do!) We did have a little fun while bathing him!! He wasn't impressed!
I want you to know I am haven't given up.
Just hoping to regain the touch and find something blog worthy to post!!
Best Wishes!!


  1. No worries Tiffanee....we have all been there! - a fabulous recipe will soon land in your kitchen I am sure of it! :-)

  2. Tiff, anything you cook is blog worthy in my opinion! Hang in there! You have been in my thoughts and prayers, lately!

  3. I am sure it will get back to you. It happened to me in the past and happens once in a while. You cannot possibly succeed in everything you attempt to make. Just try to make something that is tried and true and will be a success. I do that and it works for me.

  4. Lovin' the pic! I know how you feel, I've been a bit "uninspired" in the kitchen myself, hoping to correct that soon:@)

  5. Always a shout out I LOVE trying your recipes, your little break can let me catch up on few other of yours :).

    Ohhhh love the naked chicken bowls, they are one of my favs! I can't wait to hear how they like it!

    Thank you the salad dressings arrived last night. LOVE it!!! Now to find a recipe that I can use for them.

  6. It'll happen, and when it does, we'll be here. :) Sorry you are frazzled. :(

  7. Love the puppy picture..too cute :) Tonight dinner here was salad from bag and green beans from a can. Oh, and toast! We can't hit a home run every day :D

  8. Great post! I could share with you. I have about 10 recipes and photos in my drafts but no posts written to go with them. Working does get in the way of blogging sometimes.

  9. I had that happen recently. Usually I have pretty good sense when it comes to picking a recipe by looking at the I know you do too. I tried several recipes and they all were MAJOR flops. I was so frustrated as my bank of photographed recipes was coming to an end.

    I think sometimes we food bloggers feel like we always have to try NEW recipes. I decided to go back and make old recipes that have never been blogged...

    Good luck!!

  10. Hang in there babe! I believe in you. They can't all be winners, but most of yours are!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner


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