Butterfingers Dessert

This is a great dessert!! Light tasting but so full of flavor (sorry not light on the calories though)!  It has become my youngest's favorite.  I served it to 8 people, most had seconds and we still had leftovers. 
Butterfingers Dessert
2 cups milk
1 quart vanilla ice cream
1 large (5.1 oz 6 serving) box vanilla pudding
3/4 cup butter
2 1/4 cup crushed graham cracker crumbs
3/4 cup crushed saltine crackers
1  (8 oz.) container whipped topping
4 - 2 oz. Butterfinger candy bars, crushed
Combine the milk, ice cream and pudding mix in a large bowl. Mix well. Place in the refrigerator.

Place cracker crumbs in  a medium bowl. Melt butter and pour over cracker crumbs. Stir well to combine.  Remove 2/3 cup of the cracker mixture and set aside. Pour the remaining into a lightly greased 9 x 13 pan.  Pat it into an even layer on the bottom.
Pour the ice cream mixture over the crust. Freeze for 1hour.
Remove from freezer and spread the whipped topping over the filling.  Mix the crushed Butterfingers with the reserved crumb mixture. Sprinkle over the top.
Return to the freezer to set.
*It was not totally set when we ate it the first time.  Hubby said he liked it better when it was a bit soft.
* I used light whipped topping and 1/2 fat ice cream.  Probably could of used sugar free pudding also to save a few calories.  Just a thought!!
Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!! Unfortunately I will be working the whole weekend!
So have some fun for me!!
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  1. Looks really good! Have a great weekend:@)

  2. Oh Tiffanee this looks sooooo good! Sorry to hear that you have to work all weekend - hope you are able to squeeze in a little fun along the way. :-)

  3. Yum ... Butterfingers are loved around our house so I may have to try this one, calories or not!

  4. Holy cow!That looks delicious! You are tempting me greatly with this recipe! Have a great Labor Day weekend!

  5. I was surprised to see the saltine cracker in here. I'll bet the sweet and salty is awesome! It looks SO GOOD! I'm glad I have a place to go when i need a good dessert to make!

  6. Just in time for the Labor Day holiday!!
    YUM !!

  7. Sounds dangerously delish - I'd use real whipped cream instead of the whipped topping (like I always do). YumYum!


  8. Now this is waht I'm taking about for the end of the summer dessert.

  9. This sounds really good. I love Butterfinger anything! I'm keeping this one.

    Thanks for visiting me!

  10. OMGoodness, I so want to star this one to make it but I'm going to be good and just look. With a very sad tummy ... lol

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  12. That looks really good right now. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Looks like a great dessert for Labor Day.

  14. I am your newest follower. That dessert looks awesome and I just might have to try it!! I hope you can follow me back at http://mylifeadventurebyme.blogspot.com/.
    God Bless,

  15. This looks so good. Butterfingers are the best! What a fun dessert!

    Sorry you have to work all weekend =o(


  16. How do you do it? You keep coming up with the best desserts.

  17. This looks delicious and not just for the kids - I always have a few friends from church on Sundays over and I like getting treats at their homes I would never make for myself. This would be perfect for my Sunday brunch. And it's so decadent that I know there won't be any left over to tempt me later. Great share!

  18. I really want to try this dessert...I have it bookmarked!

    Plus, I have an award for you!


  19. Ohhhhh how I love the butterfingers! That is all kinds of good!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  20. YUMMY! I featured this recipe on my Yummy Wednesday blog post...found here: http://thecraftbarn-ny.blogspot.com/2010/09/yummy-wednesday-98.html

    Jennifer @ The Craft Barn

  21. How incredibly yummy! Anything with butterfingers has got to be good!

    Thanks for linking up last week for Friday Favorites!

  22. This looks so yummy! Anything with butterfingers has got to be good!

    Thanks for linking up last week for Friday Favorites!


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