WINNER, WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!  OK not a chicken dinner (I just really wanted to say that!!)  but a year subsciption to The Taste of Home Magazine picked by random number generator...(oh how I wish I could give everyone one!!) I appologize that this is a day late.  I had major computer issues last night and could not get anything to post.  Luckily it appears to be working fine today.  Now on to the good news.
The winner is:
She has some really great ideas that kids would really love.
Not to mention, delicious foods that I would love!!
The $60 CSN Stores Gift will be given away tomorrow!


  1. Thank you so much, Tiffanee!!! You are the best! (I can't believe I won. I don't win anything!)

    My email is:

    Thanks!!! Erin


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