Can I Fool Them This April Fool's??

I am not really into the whole April fools idea, but I love to sneak a little fun in to my family's meal each year.  They so not expect it coming from me!!  I LOVE IT!! 
Last year it was:
A couple years ago it was:
So what will it be this year....???
Erin from Making Memories...One Fun Thing After Another has some very clever and cute
From Food Network:
From Taste of Home:
Oh so many choices....What will I surprise them with??
Guess you'll have to wait and see....
Have a great April Fool's day!!


  1. I always do something every year but as time goes on everyone is on to me! Have fun with your faux food fool! Joni

  2. Oh how fun would that be!! Awesome links, thanks!

  3. That sounds like fun, Tiffanee. No one here but my dogs to play April Fools jokes on today. I don't think they'd get it, do you? LOL

  4. Great links for some fun food ideas. Happy April Fools Day.

  5. Have fun tonight with dinner! Thanks, once again, for mentioning our fun food. You are the best!!!

  6. Ha ha! I totally missed April Fools this year. Oh well :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  7. You rock my dear. I'm so going to make the eggs and bacon just for the heck of it!


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