Want a "Nutter" Ghost...

I saw these ghosts at a recent church event and thought they were darling!  My girls saw them and have been bugging me to make some.  What I couldn't believe is how quick and easy they are to make.  What a fun treat to take someone or just surprise the family with.
Nutter Ghosts
Nutter Butter Cookies
almond bark or white chocolate meltaways
mini chocolate chips
Melt the chocolate in the microwave until smooth.
Dip each cookie in the chocolate.
Lay them on to wax paper.
Add two mini chocolate chip for eyes.
Let them dry a bit to set up.
Package to give away or store in a sealed container.
Cute and delicious!!
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  1. What a fun thing to do with the kids! I'm sure mine would bug me to make some too as soon as they see these cuties. :)

  2. A nice little treat indeed! Happy Friday:@)

  3. Those are so CUTE!

    I co-host a foodie meme, Friday Food Fight. I would love for you to link up and share you ghost cookies. Hope to see you in the ring!


  4. Those are adorable! I am all about delicious and easy and kid friendly!

  5. Happy Friday, Tiffanee!

    Those "Nutter" Ghosts are too cute. And that little girl of yours, adorable. I love the way she is daintily dipping:)

    Between your ghosts and my "witchee" cheesecake, Halloween is definitely in the air!

    Thanks for sharing and Happy Pumpkin Cheesecake Day!!!

  6. This brings back such fond memories for me. I grew up on nutter butters and my mother would make these little white chocolate ghosts for me at Halloween. She was happy to make an extra batch so I could take to school and share with my friends. I'm 47 years old now but the memories are with me like it was yesterday. They taste sooo good too! Thank you for the fun post.

  7. Ohhhhh.... how cute those turned out. My Hubs loves the nutter cookies.


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