Ham & Cheese Pockets

Ok..this recipe is not genius, but it is simple and delicious!! I needed something quick, but different to feed the family.  It is something I came up with while running through the grocery store (one of those "what am I gonna fix for dinner?" panic moments!!) Luckily, it was a huge hit with the kids. 
Ham & Cheese Pockets
makes 16 pockets
2 containers of 'Grands' biscuits
shredded cheese
1 Tablespoon butter
1-2 teaspoons Parmesan cheese
Flatten out the biscuits. 
Add your filling which in this case was ham and cheese.
Fold over and seal the edges tightly.
Melt the butter and add Parmesan cheese to it.  Brush mixture on the tops of each pocket.
Bake at 350 degrees for 15-18 minutes or until light golden brown.
Serve and enjoy!
I ran out of ham so made a few with a cheese combo.  They were delicious also.  The filling possibilities are endless!!
I will be making these again soon!!


  1. I think these look awesome! My kids would love them, thanks!

  2. What a great, quick lunch! I've canned some tomato soup I made this fall and I think I'll have that along with a sandwich for lunch. It looks SO GOOD.

  3. I was trying to think of something to take to my Granddaughters dorm to cook easy for the girls. These pockets would be GREAT!! Thanks for the idea.

  4. These were wonderful this morning! Thanks for posting the recipe. I just happened to have everything on hand. I also ran out of ham and instead of just cheese, I put a spoonful of strawberry jam in the pocket. They were great!

    Also, I have been missing Tina at Tightwad Mom. I hope everything is ok.

  5. What a great idea...a neat twist on ham and cheese sandwiches! I will have to try these out on a soup night!

  6. How perfect! I love any food in pocket format =o)

  7. Those look delicious. The crust is calling this carb lover!

  8. Sometimes it's the easiest recipes that make the biggest impact! My mind is racing with all of the possibilities. Like mini calzones for instance.

    Thanks for sharing, Tiffanee


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