Cranberry Cheese Bars

This is one of those treats that has muliple flavor combinations that makes it oh so delicious! With just the perfect amount of sweetness. 
Cranberry Cheese Bars
2 cups flour
1 1/2 cup oats
3/4 cup plus 1 Tablespoon brown sugar
1 cup butter softened
1 package (8 oz) cream cheese, softened
1 (14 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk
1/4 cup lemon juice
2 Tablespoons cornstarch
1 (16 oz.) whole berry cranberry sauce
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
In a large mixing bowl combine flour, oats, 3/4 cup brown sugar and butter. Mix until crumbly. Reserve 1 1/2 cups of the crumb mixture, press the remainder firmly on bottom of a greased 13 x 9 baking pan. Bake 10-15 minutes or until lightly golden.
Meanwhile, in a small mixing bowl beat cream cheese until fluffy. Gradually beat in the sweetened condensed milk until smooth. Stir in lemon juice. Spread evenly over the prepared crust.
In a small bowl mix the remaining 1 Tablespoon brown sugar and cornstarch together. Stir in the cranberry sauce. Spoon evenly over cream cheese layer.
Top with the reserved crumb mixture. 
Bake 35-40 minutes or until golden brown.
Store covered in refrigerator.


  1. I used to make a pie that had Cream cheese and sweetend condensed milk in it. Everyone loved it.... This really sounds good.

  2. I've had this recipe bookmarked for a while now. It just sounds so delicious.

  3. Tiffanee, these look so wonderful. What a perfect holiday bar. I can imagine all kinds of flavor combinations too. We are going to have to try these.

  4. These look so good! Hope you're having a good day!

  5. The recipe doesn't specify. I used old fashioned oats because I find the quick oats to be a bit dry in this recipe. Thanks.

  6. Yummy! I posted a link to this on my blog...thru my pinterest board.
    Jennifer @ The Craft Barn


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