A Blast From the Past With Big G Cereals Giveaway!

It’s time to dust off your sweat bands, leg warmers and neon tees and head on over to your local Target® to moon walk down the cereal aisle, as Big G cereals have brought back their “Retro” themed packaging, 80’s style. Big G cereals will be channeling their Retro roots and to help celebrate, they have partnered with Atari®, bringing classic 80’s games like Asteroids, Missile Command and Centipede to your breakfast table.
Collect all 5 different packages that include totally radical Atari Activities on the back of each box; available exclusively at Target starting February through mid-March.
  • Participating Big G cereals include: Cinnamon Toast Crunch® (17 oz.), Lucky Charms® (16 oz.), Honey Nut Cheerios® (17 oz.), Cheerios® (18 oz.) and Cocoa Puffs® (16.5 oz.)
  • Did we mention it was Atari’s 40th Anniversary this year? Be sure to check out GrocerySavvy.com and test your online Atari gaming skills at Asteroids while also entering in a sweepstakes for chance to win Target gift cards and Atari merchandise.
Now to get the retro party started one lucky reader will win this great gift package!

  • 2 boxes of participating Big G cereals 
  • $10 Target gift card 
  • A free download for “Atari 80 Classic Games In 1”

  • To enter the giveaway be a follower of One Crazy Cookie and tell me something you like or remember about the 80's.
    It's as easy as creating the big bangs we used to wear in the 80's!! HA HA HA!!
    Winner will be drawn by random number generator
    on March 10, 2012.
    Have fun and good luck!!
    Disclosure: The prize pack, information, and giveaway have been provided by General Mills, Atari and Target through MyBlogSpark.


    1. I follow you in GFC and I remember singing "Like a Virgin" at a slumber party when I was about 10 and not knowing what the heck a virgin was. LOL!

      mami2jcn at gmail dot com

    2. follow you gfc-tcogbill

      i remember listeing to Michael Jackson
      tcogbill at live dot com

    3. I have to laugh at 'retro' being from the 80s! My goodness, do I feel ancient! lol It's always fun to see how these companies market their products as they compete for our ever-shrinking dollars.

    4. I loved friendship bracelets .
      tcarolinep at gmail dot com

    5. My favorite thing from the 80's was stretch pants and the side ponytail (of course rocked with the scrunchy....and one on the wrist...) I rmember having all sorts of stretch pants....and i think i even had a pair that had stripes and as one of the stripe sit said "bite me!" (i think my mom made those for me =) and they were my favorite!)

    6. Holy Cow!! Something I remember about the 80's.

      My Daughter was a young teen and she was such a pain in my butt. LOL.... She grew up to be such a caring young woman.... Thank Goodness.

      Sorry, that is the only thing I remember off hand.

    7. I'm a follower. I remember the big hair!
      rjs682 at yahoo dot com

    8. Seriously! You have the coolest giveaways!!! The 80's rocked on so many levels. The big hair, the mullets, the sweatbands and leg warmers and then came the checkered vans and spiked hair. Oh, I miss those days!!! =o)

    9. GFC follower

      I remember shoulder pads and leg warmers.

      karin56381 (at) gmail.com

    10. Already a follower of your great blog, Tiffanee! My favorite thing about the 80's?? Hall & Oates! Cheers, Ashleigh, The Drinking Girls

    11. Thanks for the giveaway. I remember the big hair, leggings with sweaters. perms
      tmc480 at yahoo dot com

    12. I loved playing centapede on my commodore64

    13. GFC follower (johannah brookwell) and I remember March 1980 when my second son was born! In fact he'll be 32 tomorrow!

    14. GFC follow.
      I can remember listening to REO Speedwagon with my friends
      ryanac32 at yahoo dot com

    15. I follow you on GFC. I remember the music of Tiffany and Debbie Gibson and the styles that they wore.


    16. I am a follower. My fave thing from the 80's are cartoons! (My Little Pony, Carebears, etc...!)
      family74014 at gmail dot com

    17. follow blog as jelaws5
      I "remember" the 80's because I got married and had
      my first child :)

    18. follow u on GFC

      i love the 80's music



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