Color Your World with Crayola Colored Bubbles Giveaway

How would you like to have some bubble blowing fun with our next generation of colorful bubbles? Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles are a magically colorful way for kids to enjoy one of their favorite outdoor activities and they're now designed to clean up better!

Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles aren't ordinary bubbles. Because they contain color, they're messy and will leave temporary colorful marks on skin, cotton and cotton-blend clothing and intended outdoor surfaces. This took some moms by surprise when they used the product last year.  They loved the idea of bubbles in different colors, but weren't expecting them to be messy.  Crayola quickly acted on parents' feedback and created a new version that keeps all the fun for kid and makes clean up easier for parents. Color magically rubs off skin, hoses off of many outdoor surfaces and washes out of cotton and cotton blend clothing.
As you can see my kids had a ball!! They loved the colored bubbles!! Even the dog tried to get in on the action!!

Before you get blowing, there are some simple tips for you that make playing with Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles and cleaning up, even more awesome and enjoyable for both kids and moms:
*Dress for Mess. Wear washable play clothes and shoes. It's best to not wear suede, leather or any other material that can't be washed.
*Play Outside. An open grassy area is best away from new concrete, decks and porous surfaces like marble. Don't use at formal events like weddings.
*Rub skin to remove color.
*Launder clothes promptly with water and detergent. Repeat washing may be needed.
*Hose off outdoor surfaces like sidewalks and driveways to wash away color.  
 Now for the exciting news!! One lucky reader will win an awesome Crayola Prize Pack:
One Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles 3-pack: Watch in awe as the air becomes filled with bunches of brightly colored "purple pizzazz," "fuschia" and "unmellow yellow" bubbles, bringing wonder and adventure to a day of outdoor active play.

One Bubble Launcher:
For an instant bubble bash, just connect a bottle of colored bubbles, attach the crank handle to the launcher, and create tons of colorful bubbles with each turn! Turn the crank slowly to create bubbles.

To enter be a follower of One Crazy Cookie and tell me which color of  bubbles your kids would like the best!

As simple as blowing a bubble!!
Winner will be drawn by random number generator on April 20, 2012.
Good Luck!

The Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles product information and gift packs have been provided by Crayola through MyBlogSpark


  1. Colored bubbles-What will they think of next! Such a fun give-away:@)

  2. I have bubble fanatics here! I have 4 year old twin girls who do bubbles everyday! They would love these, I've never heard of it. One is a pink fan and the other is all about purple!

  3. my kids would totally freak out over this! they wouldn't care what color they were =) but they would love purple or green. this would defintely be fun this summer =)

  4. Bolcacs said,
    The girls would love purple pizzazz. But I think any color would be great to blow bubbles. Love your blog b/c it's always interesting to read.

  5. my son likes blue best
    tcogbill at live dot com

  6. i daughter would love pink

  7. new gfc follower my son would like the yellow ones! thank you for the giveaway!

  8. I have 2 girls so pink for sure! Disregard my other comment, my phone isn't cooperating!!

  9. My son's favorite color is yellow. He would love these bubbles.

  10. I follow you on GFC. I think they would like the fuschia best.


  11. Whew!! finally made it back here.

    Follow GFC and I think fuschia would be very pretty.

    Check out the Leather wallet giveaway I have on my blog. $47 value.

  12. I am a follower... I think my kids would like the purple the best. I have little kiddos that would LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

  13. I am a follower! My kids would love the Purple! I think they would LOVE LOVE LOVE this! If I don't win I may have to go buy one!
    mikesdork (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. I think my son would love the Unmellow Yellow, he is 2 and just discovered bubbles, he tries to blow bubbles like I do and usually eats them or does the spit kissy face and nothing happens lol
    Jamie Brigham *GFC Follower*
    PrettyInPinkWife @ aol dot com

  15. my kids love all color but really like red so i will fuschia or yellow

  16. The fushia, they are pink kind of girls


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