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OK..Now that I got your attention a bit, it is more of a "Mommy Moment" and I have felt very strongly that I need to share it with you.  As many of you know my son is a runner. It is his passion and no one puts more heart and soul into it than him.  However there came races that his body would just shut down and he said his legs felt like they weighed 500 pounds.  It was like watching him in slow motion as he would struggle to cross the finish line and then collapse.  No matter how hard it was and how much pain he was in he ALWAYS somehow managed to finish.  After trying different changes in his diet and fluid intake and everything else we could think of with no improvement we finally started seeking medical help.  After seeing two different doctors the second one finally took it seriously and started to test out everything.  We saw the heart specialist, he was tested for several different types of diseases and passed a stress test with flying colors.
Finally we were sent to a genetic specialist who determined the only way we were to get any clue was he had to have another episode and get straight to the hospital for blood work.  After watching him struggle and catching him at the finish line we ran to the ER and got the tests done.  Within a week we found out he has a Mitochondrial Disorder so when his body runs out of energy it starts to eat the muscle and this causes his muscles to fill up with lactic acid.  Unfortunately there is no cure.  This would make his passion for running very challenging.   He was told he may never be able to run competitive again. 

Now go back in time one year ago before we found all this out, we attended a huge race.  He ran the two mile and we watched in the stands noticing the signs of an episode and just praying he could hold on.  He collapsed at the finish line and my husband and I had to break through security to get to him. We spent two hours in the medical tent and then I laid awake all night checking on him to make sure he was breathing..
Now after this happening so much one would consider quiting, but not him! He's worked harder and stronger.  He takes his supplements and now listens to his body when he races.
On Saturday we attend that same HUGE invitational where he ran the same event.  I must admit I sat in the stands very nervous watching every move he made which makes 8 laps around the track seem like an eternity.  He started out near the back of the pack of 44 runners.  With each lap he was passing people.  With 2 laps to go he took off and was passing people left and right. At that point I knew he was fine.  He finished so strong and ended up taking 11th place with a new personal record by 14 seconds.  He walked off the track strong and totally in control! You can only imagine my relief and the gratitude that I felt.  
My whole point here is FAITH and effort.  If we exercise the faith, put in the work Heavenly Father will help us we just can't give up.  I am so proud to have a son who works hard, keeps the faith despite his challenges and puts his trust and faith in our Heavenly Father and Jesus. He is always grateful and thankful and is my hero and I am learning so much from him!!
A huge thanks to Sandie at Chatty Crone for such a inspiring post today!! Go check it out here.  It so touched my heart! She was truly inspired!!-
No matter what is going on DON'T GIVE UP!! Keep your eye on the finish and an attitude of gratitude in your heart, He will help you!!


  1. Congrats to your son Tiffanee! So glad they figured out what was happening so he could learn to work through it:@)

  2. Beautiful testimony. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing your story! It made me cry. I know that through faith anything is possible.

  4. Great post, Tiffanee!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing! What an inspiration!!

  6. Praise God!!! I remember this post from last year so much... what a difference a year makes! So happy to see how God has come through again :)

  7. Thank you for having the courage to sharing this with so many people! You are my inspiration!


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