Happy Election Day and a Cookie Failure!

Happy Election day!! Hopefully by the end of today we will know who our next president will be.  I am excited that today will end the negative ads everywhere. In honor of the big election I have told you these past couple weeks that I was on a mission to try the presidential cookie bake off recipes out.  I succeeded in the trying part. I successfully made Laura Bush's Texas Cowboy Cookies (just for old time sake and they sounded delicious.), Ann Romney's M&M Cookies and finally found the mint chips to make Michelle Obama's Mama Kaye's White and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies .  That is where unfortunately the success ended.  For this is what they looked like:
Trust me they look better than they tasted.  
Now for the confession...I'm sure it wasn't the recipe it was the person who made the recipe's fault.  
The recipe calls for one stick of  butter-flavored solid vegetable shortening, which I personally do not like to use.  So thinking I'm smart thought I could just substitute real butter in it's place..WRONG!!
Obviously the butter flavored solid vegetable shortening makes all the difference.  
I'm considering this an learning experience and my kids loved the Andes mint pieces.  Although they told me I should of just let them eat them out of the package.   So FACT is my attempt at recreating the presidential cookie bake off and letting my family decide which was the winner FAILED!! 
The bright side is perhaps in four years I will get the chance to take up the challenge again!
For today I will enjoy my freedom to cast my own ballot! 
Don't forget to vote!!


  1. I'm so sorry these cookies were a fail. Drats! I hate when I make a recipe and it stinks. I think I have these mint chips. I'll have to check. They look good at least =o)


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