Valentine's Day Gift Idea: Candy Milkshakes

I wanted to make something really cute this year for Valentine's Day, but with the craziness of getting my son off on his mission time has slipped away from me.  Luckily, I knew right where to turn for help.  My good friend SherRae is always the PRO when it comes to Holidays or just anything cute and clever.  These Candy Milkshakes are ADORABLE!!  Simple and oh so CUTE! Anyone would love to receive one of these for Valentine's Day!!

Candy Milkshakes
plastic or glass milkshake cups (you can usually find them at the Dollar Store)
cotton balls
colored candy
*optional construction paper

Fill your glass up with the candy.  Place cotton balls on the top pushing them in so they look like whipped cream.  (If needed you can place a little rolled tape inside the edge of the glass to hold the cotton in place.)  Add your straw and decorate with construction paper heart, stickers or anything else.
Perfect cute gift done in minutes.
Thanks SherRae!


  1. Hi Tiffanee!!!

    Happy Valentine's Day! What a delightful idea. I may just surprise Marion with one of these tomorrow! She's quite the candy lover:)

    Thanks for sharing...

    P.S. Hope all is well with you and yours, Louise

  2. This is so darn cute! We're going to have to do this next year for the kid's teachers. Thanks!


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