Meet the other CrAzY cookie.. TAYLER KUNZ!

Hello my fellow one crazy cookie lovers! I am Tayler Kunz.

 Tiffanee's youngest sister. I have always looked up to my older sister so when she asked me to join her blog I was BEYOND flattered. I thought for my first post before you hear about all my craziness, you should just hear about me!

I am baby of five children, which are all my best friends. Being the youngest definitely has it perks, I was always surrounded by yummy food. Just an FYI: I love BACON!I will seriously try to put it in everything. My mom is my inspiration. She can make ANYTHING (when I say anything I mean ANYTHING)taste good. My brothers always say that it is because she makes everything with so much LOVE

Favorite E-CARD EVER!

Ugly Sweater Party (We won!)
My beautiful Family
I married my best friend and the love of my life on July 29,2011. We are coming up on our 2 years of marriage and I could not be happier. He always says that "marriage has been good to him" because my love to cook..especially bake!
BEST day of my life 
The girls!
 Not only do I love to be in the kitchen but I love fashion. I adore bright colors and animal prints. It is dangerous my addiction to clothes. :) My husband likes to tell me that I'm "high maintenance". I take it as a complete compliment. I like to take care of myself and there is nothing wrong with that!
I love to make blankets. This is my favorite!

My nails as of now!(cheetah and pink)

I love working out and trying to eat as healthy as possible (which sometimes is so hard to do). I work as a Dental Assistant in a community health office. Needless to say I am a neat freak and hand sanitize is my best friend.I love my job and love helping people. I feel very satisfied every day when I leave. I am working my husband through school as he finishes his degree in Business/Agronomy up at BYUI. 
My everything 
Cowboys and Seahawks game
We love sports and being outside. (Especially baseball!) That is where we are spending our 2 anniversary at a Dodgers Yankee game. I am SO excited! Needless to say we are crazy busy.
With my brother at the Angle's game! Look at those hot dogs!

I am beyond excited to start sharing all my yummy recipes, beauty tips, workout trends and all my craziness!!