Corn on the Cob Supreme Rub

This morning I am posting from the great state of Idaho!! It is nice to be home, for it has been awhile.  This recipe we got from a farmer's market in a nearby town. Oh so delicious and simple.

Corn on the Cob Supreme Rub
butter (melted)
grated parmesan cheese
*chili lime seasoning (optional)

Mix equal parts of butter and mayonnaise together in a bowl big enough to roll the corn cob in. Pour the parmesan cheese in a separate bowl.
Roll your cooked corn in the mixture then roll it in the parmesan cheese.  If desired sprinkle it with the chili lime seasoning or other seasoning.


  1. Sounds extremely tasty! I bet the grandkids would love it.

  2. You are having way to much fun, Tiffanee (you too Tayler:)

    Simple recipe indeed! I just got back from Blackfoot Idaho a few weeks ago. Have FUN!!!


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