White Chocolate Pumpkin Pretzels

White Chocolate Pumpkin Pretzels

I came across these cute little things and I know I had to make them. My mom and I made these two nights ago. I hate to report to that you that they ARE as easy as them look and totally worth it. My co-workers loved them! 

1 bag of white chocolate 
bag of pretzels
orange food coloring (mix red and orange)
green M&M's

We used a double burner to melt our chocolate. We added some sweet condensed milk in order to get the right consistency. Then add the food coloring till you get the right color. (I almost wish I would of went a darker orange)  I used tongs to dip my pretzels in the chocolate then I placed them on parchment paper. Then stick your green M&M's on the pretzel. We sat them in the fridge over night. They were perfect! Hope you enjoy this cute fall treat! ( I know I did ALL too much)



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