Easy Wreath of Hearts

Here is a fun easy craft and so versatile.  You could use any color and patterned paper.  My 9 year old helped me put it together!

Wreath of Hearts
adapted from Family Fun
12 x12 inch card stock
glue dots
12 inch piece of ribbon

Cut 7 - 1 inch strips out of the cardstock

Fold strip in half.  Add a glue dot about an inch from the fold.
Press down gluing the two sides together.  Bend backward creating the top of the heart.

Put another glue dot at the end of one of the side and press together.

Make 5 hearts.
The two additional hearts will hold your ribbon.
Sandwich one end of the ribbon in the first fold  sealing it with a glue dot at the top of the heart. Create your heart.

Then continue the same process with the last piece.
Now you will put one heart in between these two. Put a glue dot on the side near the biggest part of the heart and press them together.
Continue gluing the hearts together in a circle.
By gluing the sides together it holds the bottoms in place and created a cool design.
It is a cute and simple wreath to help celebrate Valentine's day!
I'm making these with a group of 8-11 year old girls on Wednesday!


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