Menu Plan Monday

It is about time I get back to doing this important task.. Since I have been working nights, hubby has been doing the planning and cooking which is nice.  I must admit I miss it though.  Cooking is something I really enjoy and I love sitting down with my family for dinner.  This week I decided that I needed to get more involved so here is my plan!!
Tuesday: Crock Pot Chicken Enchiladas
Wednesday: Chicken Alfredo
Thursday: Chili
Friday: Picnic Night
Saturday: BBQ Chicken/ Creamy peas and potatoes
Sunday: Roast
I actually had success with a few recipes last week that I can't wait to share!!
Wishing you a delicious week!!


  1. Great ideas! I have never made stew in the oven before, I may have to try it!

  2. Love the menu, I just posted 2 new chili recipes, very yummy.

    Thank you sweetie for your kinds words!!!


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