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Saturday at the BIG track invitational, my son ran the 3200 and collapsed at the finish line.  It was so scary!!  They did not permit parents on the field, but that didn't stop me.  Nothing was stopping me from getting to my son.  It was a really scary time. They had an ambulance at the meet but no one there to staff it. (Is that stange to anyone else but me?) They had a medic tent which had a doctor and he said he needed an IV but, they had no way to give him one.(Ok there is an ambulance and a doctor what is wrong with this picture?)  Finally after about 1/2 hour the dr. said we needed to get him to the ER.  Kody perked up and was determined he was not going.  Luckily it all worked out and he was able to walk out on his own.  Now we just got to figure out what is going on with him. So question for everyone.  No matter how much he drinks he cannot stay hydrated.  No other issues, but when this happens during the race his body just shuts down. This was the worst episode yet.  Does anyone have any ideas?   We have got to get it figured out because I can't take it happening anymore... Thanks for listening to me.  It was an extremely emotional weekend.  Now it is time to pick myself up and get on with life...
This Week's Menu
Monday: Chicken Spaghetti
Tuesday: Ryan's Bean Casserole
Wednesday: Pork Chops
Thursday:Teriyaki Chicken Salads
Friday: Tex-Mex Casserole
Sunday: Easter Dinner
Happy Eating!!


  1. I'm so sorry Tiffanee, I know this is very frightening and I'm glad you got on the field to be with your son! So glad he's ok! You know I'm just a Goof-Ball but I do like football... and a few years ago the Eagles were planning for the beginning of the season against Dallas where it was extremely hot, their solution = pickle juice. Which just sounds like more salt to me, but I thought I'd mention it. Please consult with your doc, I'm just talking out loud:@)

  2. That is scary. I have been through rough patches with my kids and know the fears that accompany it. Hang in there. Has he had a good physical? If not, you might want to take him in and check for diabetes.

  3. I am SO sorry that is happening to your son and family. My only advice (besides proper nutrition - which I'm sure you're doing your best at), is to find another doctor if the one you have isn't helping. Someone out there can find out the answers. Good luck **hugs** Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about the scary weekend with your son -- we'll be praying for you and your family!!

  5. Okay Tiffanee, that is frightening. If that is happening a lot I would get him in for a complete physical, blood work and fasting glucose test immediately!

    One of the signs of type one diabetes is extreme thirst (a sure sign of dehydration diabetes), frequent urination, and excessive hunger (a misperception of thirst caused by dehydration diabetes), irritability and fatigue are all signs as well. Unfortunately with teenage boys all those symptoms exist just because of they are teenage boys!

    However, it would be worth getting him checked. If he has diabetes and doesn't know it, the result is not one you want to know. I have a cousin (very long story) who at 17 found out she had it when she went into a 2 week coma right after cheerleading practice.

    Sorry don't mean to scare you but I wouldn't ignore it, especially if he is trying to stay hydrated and it isn't helping. If nothing else, order a one-step glucose meter (they are free, call me & I'll tell you how to get one) and test his blood frequently to get a base line as to what it is doing.

    Love you and your family tons. Please keep me posted. You are in my thoughts & prayers. -- Christine

  6. That is some scary stuff. I am good when other people's kids need help, but when something happens to one of mine, I lose my mind. Sounds like they need to work on their emergency services at these events. Hope all is well with your son!


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