A Scone Tradition

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you my Grandma's White Bread recipe.  As I was making it I remembered an old family tradition of eating hot scones.  YUM!! So I made two loaves of bread and turned the rest of the dough into scones.  My children claimed they had never had scones before.  How sad was that! They LOVED them.  This is a super simple recipe, but my goal is to keep the tradition alive.

Simply Scones
oil, canola or vegetable
Divide your dough into the desired size.
Roll each piece out a bit.
Heat your oil in a pan, medium/high heat. (you may need to adjust it.)
Place dough in the oil.  Cook about a minute on each side or until golden brown.
Drain on a paper towel.
Now the topping choices are endless:
butter, honey, sugar, cinnamon or ect!!
Enjoy they are delicious!!


  1. Looks good Tiffanee! Kind of like a homemade doughnut:@)

  2. Seriously??? Deep fried Bread??? I'm so in!!! Holy moly! Slap some maple frosting on them and I'd rub them all over me. We're totally going to make these this weekend! Thanks (again) for an amazing recipe!!!

  3. They look deilicious! When I was growing up, we called that fried bread.

  4. yummy! these look like they would be delicious with cinnamon sugar as well! : )

  5. These seem different than the typical biscuit scone that I have tried, but my goodness they look delicious! I bet they are great with honey!!

  6. i love scones! can't wait to try these out =) it will be in a few weeks....i'm trying out this new diet with some friends and we can't have white bread....but i'm done in 2 weeks =)

  7. I can do this, Tiffanee! I'm so excited!!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  8. Hey Tiffanee. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I missed chatting with you. I see you've been cooking all kinds of yummy things. :)

  9. Yahoo!! Every Christmas this is our traditional breakfast. My husband & I constantly discuss what these are called. I call them scones, he calls them elephant ears. It has become a friendly banter, but you have proved my point!Perhaps it is a regional thing. But thanks for proving my point. You are awesome!!


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