Menu Plan Monday

I hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day!! Thanks everyone for the visit and sweet comments.  You all made my day!!  I have gotten the kids into a bad habit by making dessert on Sundays the last few weeks so they thought it was a neccessity this week also! So during the hour of no Oympics I made white caramel corn only coloring it pink.  It was kind of fun!! My son made this cute heart out ot if.  I can only assume he will give it away???
This Weeks Menu:
Monday: Chicken Enchiladas
Tuesday: Shepherds Pie
Wednesday: Chicken-N- Hickory
Thursday: Sloppy Joes
Friday: Chicken Elegant/Yummy Rice
Saturday: Random Night
Sunday: Pizza Pasta
This week my goal is to complete some freezer cooking because next week is a super crazy week!!

Check out what others are cooking this week and some great resources for menu planning at


  1. Check out the heart that rocks! I love you plan so well! I'm getting better but not exactly on the right days ... lol


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