Menu Plan Monday

This weekend I watched my son run an amazing race, which turned heartbreaking for this mom! He gave it his all and collapsed, luckily at the finish line not sooner. (I'll write more on the other blog.)  So I am really slow getting it all together this week and it is going to be a crazy one. The little girls start track this week so that means an hour in the car and one and a half hours of practice.   Needless to say dinnertime is going to have to be simplified.  Hopefully I can get organized enough to pull it off.

This Week's Menu
Monday: Dinner Nachos
Tuesday: London Broil
Wednesday: BBQ Chicken Salad
Thursday: Picnic Night
Friday: Parmesan Chicken
Saturday: Mexican Lasagne
Sunday: Baked Beef Stew
Last week the new recipes I tried were amazing!  I can't wait to share them with you!!
Wishing you all a very delicious week!!
Check out lots of great menus for this week at Menu Plan Monday!!


  1. The joys of spring! You have some great ideas on this weeks menus. Think I'll borrow a couple (if you don't mind).

  2. Yet again so many awesome recipes :)


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