Menu Plan Monday

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Last week the hit of the week was Honey Chicken. Something new and it was delicious.  The kids ranted and raved over it!  I will be sharing it this week.  This week's meals are quite simple.  Hubby will be doing most of the cooking and chose those meal (Hence: you will notice alot of meat.)
This Weeks Menu
Monday: Cheese Stuffed Meatloaf
Tuesday:  Taco Night (I am going to try something new)
Wednesday: Creamy Italian Crock Pot Chicken
Thursday: Shepherd's Pie
Friday: Chicken Veggie Wraps
Saturday: Steak
Sunday: Ribs
Happy Eating!!


  1. Just looked at the Creamy Italian Crock Pot Chicken...looks and sounds yummy! I'm going to give that one a try this week. Thanks for the idea :)

  2. A few months ago, I turned over the meal preparation duties in our family to my 20 year old daughter. (Her goal is to attend college within the next year, in pursuit of a culinary degree.) She LOVES planning our meals, grocery shopping (GAG!!!), and doing all the cooking.

    On menu-planning day (every 2 weeks), she sits with the latest issue of Food Network magazine and several cookbooks. I will have to send her to your blog for further inspiration.


  3. Sounds like I should send my husband over to your house to eat this week! :-) Nice menu! I just discovered two (yes, TWO) comments you had been kind enough to write on my blog and I somehow had not noticed them until tonight. I have no idea how that happened! I am so sorry. Nice to find your blog again. I am now your newest follower! :-)

  4. LOL! We are having Creamy Italian Chicken this week,too! Great minds must think alike!Andy would probably much rather eat your menu this week, instead of mine.

  5. I gave you a trendy blog award: . -Shonda

  6. As always a wonderful list of meals :).

    LOVE the new look :)


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