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Basil, Tomato Pasta with Avocado Sauce

WOW!! It has been awhile.  Life has truly been insane.  Moving, all the issues with the house, training for a huge race and no internet for awhile took a big toll on me.  Let's say cooking did not go high on the priority list.  The house is still not put together and I still have an endless supply of boxes to unpack, but thankfully I am taking it all in stride.  Life's to short!!      As I mentioned above I have been training for something I never in the world would of ever thought I would do, but somehow next weekend I will be doing it and hopefully surviving.  It is a 180 mile relay race with 11 others.  A group of High School Alumni all over the age of 40.  I'm excited to spend the time with them, but also seriously scared of my abilities.     This "race" influenced this next recipe.  I got it from a friend that I will be running with.  I love avocados, but was skeptical to how it would taste as a pasta sauce?  ........well verdict is It was AMAZING!!! It got