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Patsy's Perfect Chocolate Pie

F or Thanksgiving my mom and sister made this incredible chocolate pie.  It was so delicious and a huge hit.  Let's just say it did not last very long.  It left me wanting more...craving it! Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I made it twice and took another one to a potluck at work (also a huge hit there).  Best of all it is super quick and easy to make. This recipe is definitely a keeper. Patsy's Perfect Chocolate Pie Inspired by Lauren's Latest 1 baked and cooled pie crust  12 ounces chocolate chips (Basically 1 bag. I like the Guittard and I used milk chocolate) 2 cups heavy whipping cream 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 cup powdered sugar 2 cups cold milk 1- 5.1 oz. package instant chocolate pudding Chocolate shavings for garnish DIRECTIONS: Whip cream with vanilla and powdered sugar until stiff.  Set aside. In a large bowl whip milk with chocolate pudding mix until smooth. Sit 3 minutes to thicken.  Pour the chocolate chips into a bowl

A New Year, New Goals, Canvas Factory Review and a Giveaway for You!

Happy New Year! Life has been a bit crazy for me ever since going to work full time last Spring and sadly this blog has suffered the consequences of it.  Let's just say I have totally missed it and my interactions with all of my incredible and amazing readers.  My goal this coming year is to get back to writing, creating and sharing with all of you.  To say THANK YOU for your patience with me I have a great giveaway to start the year off with from the great people over at  CanvasFactory . With CanvasFactory  I was able to easily take this little photo from my phone and create a beautiful 16 x 20 canvas print. (This picture of my canvas print does not do it justice, It is gorgeous!) The website was so easy and helpful. It helped me determine which pictures would work best for this size. It was quick and I was impressed and even more in awe when it arrived.  It is very nicely done and looks amazing. The wrapped edges are such a nice touch.  There are lots