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Breaking the Bottled Water Addiction a Natural Way

My 17 year old daughter is what one could consider a "water snob".  Water is her drink of choice which I am very happy about, but she will only drink bottled water.  If we don't have bottled water she refuses to drink water...up until now.  We have been using a copper pitcher . A copper pitcher creates a naturally alkaline water.  It infuses the water with the many health benefits that copper has to offer and the copper pitcher   is also naturally self-sterilizing. I was skeptical at first and I was surprised how intrigued my daughter was.  I think she was really out to see if she could prove that the water in the copper pitcher  would not taste good.  I was shocked to see her constantly filling up her glass and refilling the pitcher.  I think it tastes great and proof is how much she drinks it.   I t has broken the bottled water addiction.  It is a win win situation.  Hence saving me money and less waste.  Her sister is also following suit and lots more wa