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Clean Grill in a Flash

I must admit I was a little lazy at the end of grill season this year.  I guess I was hoping it would not end.  I had put off cleaning the grill and ended up moving it in to the garage during a rain storm.  Each time I went to the garage I would look at it and feel a little guilt about how dirty it was. Then I received the Cave Tools BBQ Grill Brush and decided it was time to tackle the mess.  I was shocked at how easy it was. It was quick and did an amazing job. 100% RUST PROOF DESIGN - Stainless Steel Wire Bristle with Strength Clip for Cleaning Char Broil Weber Porcelain and Infrared Barbecue Grates   Before the grill brush After using the grill brush . I am so excited and impressed with how clean my grill looks and best of all now I have no guilt when I look at it anymore!! You can purchase your own Cave Tools BBQ Grill Brush either over at the Cave Tools Website  for $11.99 . You can also find it over at Amazon  where it is on sale for $9.99 and wit